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Attractions in Big Pine Key

Located at MM 30.5, Bayside

The Key deer are a tiny species of deer particular to the Florida Keys, and no bigger than a large dog. The refuge protects the deer from encroaching development, highway traffic, and humans in general. They thrive in the pineland habitat and much of the refuge is off limits to people. The public is welcome on certain trails within the refuge, and everything is clearly marked so you will know where you can and can't be.

The Watson Nature Trail is found within the refuge, and at 2/3 of a mile long, provides visitors a nature walk they can really sink their teeth into. It's located 1.3 miles north of the intersection of Watson Boulevard and Key Deer Boulevard. There's another trail called Mannillo Trail, half as long as the Watson Nature Trail.

Don't even think about feeding the deer, because you'll get yourself a nice misdemeanor charge. Even when you drive straight through Big Pine Key on U.S. Highway 1, you are aware of the special protection given these deer, as the speed limit is 45 and at night it's 35 miles an hour. If you want to see some key deer, go to No Name Key, where there are fewer houses and people, and you might see some deer near the edges of the road.

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